Precise copy written to grab, inform and
move your target market.

Good communication, like good salesmanship, is more than getting your prospect's attention. It is also shows your product meets your prospect's needs better than anything else available.

Good copy - in magazines, television, brochures, even posters and on packages - is primary to communication. Together with design and graphics, good copy connects emotionally and transmits ideas.

CPU Graphics is in the business of communicating ideas, products and desires. We help people understand. We make information accessible and influential.

Good copy reflects clear thinking and hard work. There are a few principles which we follow. They can improve all writing, yet allow ample room for individuality and expression:

1. Keep in mind the reader doesn't have much time.
Write for clarity. The shorter it is, the more likely it will be read - and understood.
2. Know where you are going (and, if it helps, tell the reader).
Use topic sentences or subheads, conclude with a summary.
3. Make the copy easy to read.
Be careful with the type face, the number of fonts used and reversing. Maybe even, as here, number your points.
4. Use short sentences and short paragaphs.
They're easier to read. You want telegrams, not essays.
5. Be vigorous and direct.
Where possible use active verbs and avoid the passive voice.
6. Don't overwrite or overstate.
Take your time and boil down your points. Remember, Mark Twain once apologized for writing a long letter, explaining he just didn't have time to write a short one.
7. Avoid needless words.
A writer once wrote, "Softly as in a morning sunrise." "Morning" as opposed to an afternoon or evening sunrise? Poetic license is OK for poetry and song, not for our business.
8. A first draft is a first draft.
Rethink, rewrite and rephrase. Delete words, phrases, paragraphs, even pages. Make the copy count. Make it work.

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