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Your brochure, ad, poster, newsletter, photo, illustration, printing or web site is served up fast by friendly professionals who care about quality.

CPU Graphics lives and breathes this business. We offer more than design, graphics and words. People also like our ideas, ideas that connect, motivate and sell.

Armed with decades of experience, CPU has a passion for knowing the product and the prospect. This may mean long hours, any day of the week. Task oriented, we do what's necessary to complete projects accurately and on time.

We are always available, even on weekends, for those who work more than the usual five day week. It's good to remember, however, the rigid relationship between quality, speed and cost. As a reminder, see below the choices you face.

Enjoying the opportunity to grow with our clients, it is a pleasure to see our efforts and what we create as part of our client's growth.

What more could we want? Perhaps, to get to know you and your business.

It's a tough choice. You can pick any two, but only two!
That is the choice you must make.

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