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Club programs are on current Democratic issues: legislation, elections and local topics. Topics can include immigration, healthcare, unions, economic conditions, education, women's rights, school finance, voting rights, green energy, as well as local, state and national candidates. 4th Saturday, 3:00pm. Please check our Facebook page to confirm meeting and location; First Christian Church, 7301 Miller Road, Rowlett, TX 75089, Fellowship Hall. See map.


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We strengthen our connections with other Democrats with our monthly book club. You can participate in lively and informative discussions and each participant has an opportunity to select a book (or movie on occasion), and also host a discussion at their home. Our book club gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about the political process, about each other as Democrats, our culture, and historical events that affect us today.


As Democrats we believe in helping others, and our club has chosen local food bank and charities as our project and means to assisting people in need. Each month at our program meetings, those attending bring food items, and cash, donations that go to the Food Pantry Ministry at the First Christian Church in Rowlett, 7301 Miller Rd, 972-475-3559, with clothing and furniture donations going to the Life Message Ministries, 4501 Rowlett Road, Suite 200, Rowlett.


Taking an active role in shaping the politics of our city, county, state, and country. Anyone who voted Democratic in the last
Presidential election or last primary election and committed to supporting the Democratic Party is welcome to join.